Thank You for giving to the ministries of HUMC!  God delights in using the tithes, gifts and offerings of God’s people to empower the church to bless the world.

There are now four ways you can give to HUMC:

(1) Via a text message: First, text the word “GIVE” and the amount you want to give to 833-972-0540. This is a toll free number reserved only for HUMC.  The first time you do this, it will direct you to a website to get set-up (Credit Card or Bank Info). After that first time, all you have to do is text “GIVE” and the amount to the toll free number.

(2) Through this webpage: To Give, please click  the link below and follow the instructions:


(3) To support missionary, Kevin Keenan: Click on this link to give: 

(4) Through PayPal: Just scan the QR code down below and you are good to go!